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Brand: House of Sport

Role: Common Purpose Director - House of Sport

Location: Boston MA

City, State: Boston, Massachusetts

Job Area: Full time

Job ID: 202406772

Job Category: Store Management

Common Purpose Director - House of Sport
Boston, Massachusetts

House of Sport by DICK'S Sporting Goods is more than just a store. It is a destination, an experience, a place where athletes can experiment and play. A retail store devoted to sport where our community can gather and be inspired. We are fundamentally changing retail by elevating these experiences, delivering first in class service, obsessing over our athletes, inspiring our teammates, and challenging retail norms.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce, reflecting the communities we serve. On our team, everyone plays a critical role in creating confidence and excitement by personally equipping athletes to achieve their dreams.

If you are ready to obsess over the athlete and make a difference in your community, apply to join our team today!


DICK’S House of Sport is seeking a passionate, people-first store leader to oversee store operations in our Boston, MA location.


  • Hires and builds effective hourly and salaried teams byensuring a diverse mix of backgrounds, skillsets, perspectives, and experiences are adequately represented; recruits and hires the best with key emphasis on experts in key categories; creates a feeling of belongness and strong team morale; establishes common objectives and a shared mindset to ensure alignment and cohesion.

  • Responsible for partnering with the Service and Selling Culture Director to drive the highest level of customer service throughout the store, ensuring our teammates are driving the DICK’S Common Purpose and delivering hassle-free, engaging, athlete-first service.

  • Operational responsibilities will include partnering with the events team to set-up and breakdown in-store and Field events to ensure the optimal athlete experience; requires staying closely aligned with community and in-store event activities.

  • Directly involved in hiring and interviewing (e.g., completing the last interview), partners with ASM when possible to make the final decision on candidates; stays connected to the current talent gaps and hires appropriately to ensure coverage.

  • Shares responsibility of conducting Day 1 Orientation with the Service and Selling Director to formally launch a positive teammate experience with all new hires.

  • Builds a people-first culture by consistently connecting with every teammate and building trust; actively listens and dedicates time to their development and career interests, staying invested in their well-being, and seeking to understand any roadblocks (personally and professionally).

  • Coaches and develops oneself and others by infusing learning into day-to-day leading; places an equal priority on development and accountability through motivation, hands-on coaching, regular exposure, and stretch assignments; builds development plans in partnership with teammates when necessary.

  • Uses any possible moment to lead through coaching and development; instead of taking charge, the Service and Selling Director provides in-the-moment coaching by creating space for leaders to identify opportunities within the store or a specific task, allows them to think through actionable solution.

  • Communicates regularly and transparently with teammates at all levels, understanding that honesty and clear communication channels are enablers of overall team success.

  • Point of contact for implementing training initiatives, bringing the vision and experience to life. Conduct one on one teammate conversations, assist with facilitating training workshops and conduct role play exercises to ensure all teammate are meeting the needs of the athlete”.


  • Plans, organizes, and controls long term a year out, highlighting important dates for the team and reoccurring events. As events approach, supports the ASM at 90 days out using effective tools and processes to achieve key milestones, tasks, and commitments aligned with organizational goalsand needs; teaches and guides the team on how to plan for the long and short-term (30 and 60 days out) while anticipating potential roadblocks and adjusting quickly in the moment.

  • Starts each week in partnership with the Service and Selling Director by driving conversations and holding working sessions to develop a plan of attack for the week ahead; during leadership meetings, the leadership team is the nucleus to ensuring a results-driven direction has been set with clear goals and information is cascaded / flows in and out of the store in order for everyone to feel equipped with the knowledge to do their job appropriately.

  • Responsible for meeting budgets in the areas of sales, expense, all Profit & Loss (P&L) categories, metrics and overall store contribution.

  • Drives the overall financial performance of the store by utilizing reporting tools and implementing strategies/tactics designed to improve store performance.

  • Monitors competition assortments, pricing strategies as well as promotions to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Validates teammates schedules are accurately inputted to meet athlete demands and drive times by ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time, from opening to closing.

  • Plans teammate schedules in advance by assessing events or initiatives coming down the pipeline and planning hours / coverage accordingly by using the workforce management tool on a regular basis.

  • Focuses on the strong connection between athlete satisfaction and teammate engagement; leverages insights to drive a culture that equally prioritizes the employee experience and hassle-free shopping.

  • When in the store, acts as Head Coach by calling attention to hot floors, identifying unattended athletes and providing teammate coverage, and overall ensuring the athlete’s shopping experience is optimal (e.g., product and teammate accessibility).

  • Ensure the visual strategy developed by the CSC Visual team is executed flawlessly, creating a compelling in-store experience that is easily understood by the athlete and in turn drives sales.


  • Regularly conducts data digs using financial and operational tools (e.g., balance scorecard, P&L, Intera, etc.) to uncover business trends beyond the surface and leverage insights when building out financial and operational strategies for the store; controls expenses and drives sales to maximize ROI.

  • Establishes a vision and sets direction by enabling teammates to understand how their responsibilities and actions directly align to the common purpose and overall performance and success of the company; motivates and inspires while setting expectations to bring out the best in everyone.

  • Supports and empowers leaders to identify obstacles/challenges seen in the data; make process connections to understand the root causes, and then come to a solution / conclusion on how to address / mitigate; the only assistance provided by the leadership team is education around the connection points between behaviors and the data.

  • Responsible for meeting budgets in the areas of sales, expense, all Profit & Loss (P&L) categories, metrics and overall store contribution.

  • Drives the overall financial performance of the store by utilizing reporting tools and implementing strategies/tactics designed to improve store performance.

  • Monitors competition assortments, pricing strategies as well as promotions to gain a competitive advantage.


  • Creates opportunities to get involved with the communities; hosting events, support volunteer opportunities, etc.

  • Creates a store environment where everyone feels welcome and safe.

  • Builds direct relationships with local leaders and partners with the Community Integration Director to ensure the team is able to serve, give back, and create job opportunities within the community.

  • Actively recruits within the community to ensure the store’s teammates reflect the communities that it serves.

  • Takes time to gain a deep understanding of both industry and competitor trends.


  • Demands high standards and holds self and others accountableby establishing clear responsibilities and processes for monitoring work and measuring results; unafraid to give difficult feedback and is willing to take action and address low performance.

  • Continuously empowers the team to evolve their operational mindset in order deliver on the programs and processes required to ensure athletes receive desired products both omni and in-store.

  • Walks the store and validates that game plans are executed, visual planning standards are met, and that the store is clean, organized, and safe.

  • Educates and empowers the team to be technical experts by taking ownership of high standards; creates opportunities for them to learn and showcase their skillset, product knowledge, operational excellence, and visual execution; never overlooks an opportunity to celebrate achievements and highlight a teammate’s impact, contribution, or growth.




  • Bachelor's Degree in Business, Management, Communications or relatedarea

  • 5-7 years experience including 5+ years of leadership experience, 3+ years of store leadership/general manager experience, 5+ years of retail/hospitality/customer service experience

Based on the location of the House of Sport, you may be required to submit relevant state mandated clearances to supervise minors.
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